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    As a way to practice my lettering chops, I've painted a wall with chalk paint. I have a lot of fun projects planned so stay tuned!
What better way to learn hand lettering than putting your face next to a chalk wall and study the curves until they're perfect? 
This is a bit of a passion project for me and I'm getting better everytime. 
Printed this as a Holiday Card for my roomates. 
The frame was drawn by my talented sister Rachel Rader as a Sibling Collab! rachelrader.com
FOOTBALL!!!! So what if we spent more time taking pictures than watching the game?!
Some chalk lettering for my Valentines Day cards. See the full project at https://www.behance.net/portfolio/editor?project_id=15316665
As a way to keep the creative juices pumping, I like to start the day by writing the day on my to-do list in scripts or others. This is also a perfect way for me to keep practicing everyday. Collecting these really gave me a view of how I've improved and how much better I can get.