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Cosmetic in motion!
Short stop motion pieces to enhance
the digital marketing of Mi Rebotica
Mi Rebotica, the well-known Spanish cosmetic brand, famous for their high effectiveness with their high quality products seek to boost their digital marketing actions. To achieve this, the firm decided to collaborate with Låpsüs to create visual storytelling with short animated videos that communicate the quality and benefits of its top products as well as their natural assets and their craft philosophy.
Visual Storytelling
Stop Motion
Post Production

Mi Rebotica
In order to show Mi Rebotica’s authenticity we use visual storytelling to develop six animations with a conceptual approach in which we introduce the pharmaceutical cosmetic world with a natural and fresh perspective.

These pieces of stop motion focus on communicating the benefits of each product along with their ingredients in a creative and metaphorical way, highlighting the care and detail with which the brand approaches each of their processes.

In any of our projects, we aim to optimize each creative piece –either be photography or 
video– for all its possible uses. Thanks to that, our clients can make the most of all the deliverables addressing their audience in a fresh, dynamic and engaging way in order to connect with them.
Magic for your hair!
This short form video highlights the greatest benefit of Mi Rebotica’s shampoo made of onion extract and famous for its delicious cherry smell and for promoting hair growth as if by magic.
Dark spot free skin
To communicate depigmentation treatment products created to reduce melasma and promote an uniform face, we make an analogy where the orchid represents facial skin that recovers its uniformity and gets rid of dark spots.
Orders that speak by themselves
Mi Rebotica’s customers often highlight the care and smell with which their orders come, That’s why we wanted to highlight the brand’s shipments. Hence, we introduced strawberries inside the box to refer to the characteristic smell that accompanies each shipping and also stand out the human side by incorporating the sheet signed by the person who packs the order.
Bye, bye stretch marks!
For this animation, we associate the marks of the striated skin with the waves of the sand, in a metaphor of how the product reduces stretch marks. We set the product on a base covered with green leaves to allude to its natural active ingredients.
From the pharmacy to Mi Rebotica
Through a scientific scenario inspired by pharmacy and laboratory aesthetics, and using the night elixir as protagonist, we highlight the manual labeling and packaging of the product to talk about artisanal process as one of the main brand’s philosophies.
Four step facial routine
Animated still life that combines four MI Rebotica’s premium facial range and focuses on showing how to apply the routine step by step, the way the product looks and their consistency. The art direction supports visual storytelling by showing different natural ingredients and a pink synthetic leather surface that refers to face skin.
Making of…
Cosmetic in motion!

Cosmetic in motion!

These pieces of stop motion focus on communicating the benefits of each product along with their ingredients in a creative and metaphorical way, Read More