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    We are Entwurfreich. A Germany based innovation- and design consultancy. It‘s our mission to design a positive impact on people‘s lives. Therefor… Read More
    We are Entwurfreich. A Germany based innovation- and design consultancy. It‘s our mission to design a positive impact on people‘s lives. Therefore we develop great products, services and experiences. We’re designers, inventors, perfectionists. Get in Contact www.entwurfreich.com Read Less
Active physical therapy
The upright walk is an essential incident in the human evolution. It demonstrates that our anatomy is designed for continuous motion. In contrast to this, the contemporary society spends the most part of the daily routine in sitting posture. Most recent assessments act on the assumption that an average office worker spends 12 hours daily in a sitting posture. As a consequence of missing compensatory movement, strong spinal and back appear frequently. In industrial nations 80 percent of the population were affected at least once in their life.
What can be done about back pain?
If pain appears as a result of debilitated supporting muscles, movement is generally preferred over preserving the muscles. In this case general practitioners typically prescribe physical therapy. The success of this therapy depends on the patient integrating the learned exercises regularly and conscientiously into his/her daily routine. At this point the underlying problem arises: All pain patients are aware of this fact, but only a minority manages the needed change.
One reason is that existing products (stretch bands, balls and others) offer the possibility of active rehabilitation, but don’t motivate the user, don’t give them feedback and don’t show the personal progress.
PILAR is an innovative and novel training device which connects via Bluetooth to any tablet. In combination with its app-based interface, PILAR enables active rehabilitation of back pain for home users. The individual performance-program is automatically generated (beginner and advanced-mode) or can be determined by a therapist. Through a combination of mobilizing- and strengthening-exercises, the back gets perfect support. Existing pain gets treated and the source of new pain gets prevented.
PILAR provides confidence for home training. While in process of exercising the training units, the PILAR-app provides on the spot feedback how to best execute the exercises. Three different sensors capture any motion which is performed with PILAR. A vibration provides feedback to the user whether the required exercise is done correctly, in which case the PILAR-app communicates a corrective proposal.
Motivation & progress:
PILAR challenges, compliments and encourages: Different achievement levels challenge the user and at the same time enable him/her to experience progress within therapy. The visualization of progress is still the best motivation and results in regular training.
PILAR demonstrates the possibility to develop innovations by analyzing application scenarios and challenging existing product concepts.