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My phone
I wanted to design a phone that can last as long as possible. 

Phone body is made from instrumental stainless steel to reduce scratches. Before completely unusable for further use, the phone body can go through several restoration cycles.  

There is two models - 101 Basic, model 102 - Pro.

Pro version performs a camera module. Variable focal length lens could take wide-angle shots at 25 mm, portrait shots at 50 mm and zoom in to 125 mm (5x optical zoom) and everything in between. 

​​​​​​​Both phones have a removable battery. There are several variations of its capacity to give the user a choice. The default battery capacity is 6000 mAH, for larger solutions - 12000 and 24000 mAH. Phone connection type USB Type-C is placed in the battery case. The battery has two Type-C connectors: one for outside connection, and the second is connected the battery directly to the phone. The battery separately from the phone also can be used as a power bank.

Basic and Pro models have a similar proportions and dimensions. 101 model - 64x139x10mm. 102 - 64x139x17mm. 

The body form is determined by the screen function - showing rectangular content. Therefore phone body follows this function and there are no big rounded edges because it reduces the screen usable area.

The screen is completely flat and its edge is protected by the steel body. To reduce the chance of the screen cracking the screen is also recessed into the body by 0.3 mm. The 0.3mm difference between the phone front surface and the glass surface is occupied by the protective glass, so the phone front surface is flat.

The design is for sale. Contact:


My Phone
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Andrey Avgust