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During the course of my employment at Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) I've designed several logos for use with different types of projects.
Origins Forum Logo
For several years, NASA organized its space science research and public education efforts into forums. The Search for Origins Forum was charged with investigating the beginnings: how the universe began, how galaxies and stars and planets formed, and even how life first formed in the universe.
The Origins Education Forum was coordinated out of STScI and needed a logo to help unify program materials. It was used on public fliers, business cards, and on the website.
The State-of-the-Art Telescope Education Collaboration was a loose affiliation of the education teams from some of the most advanced astronomy telescopes in the world. The logo was used primarily on internal materials and presentations.


ISONblog Logo
Comet ISON was a highly-anticipated visitor to the night sky in the fall of 2013. A blog was created to document the Hubble Space Telescope's observations of the comet, along with important background information.