Client: Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother
Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother needed a visual identity that matched their mission to preserve and share the natural environment and its connection with Native American spirituality. In the process we worked though all of the imagery and colors that were both personally and symbolically meaningful to the group, until it was winnowed down to the core concepts.
The final logo reflects the interconnection of man, nature, animals, and spirit, enclosed by a Medicine Wheel with eagle feathers. It was created to be flexible enough to use in a wide variety of formats, including eventual merchandise and on-site signage.
Client: Squeekr
Client needed a Web 2.0-friendly logo for their startup web service. Their requirements were that it include a friendly mouse, be web-friendly, and have a gray and purple color scheme.
Arca Construction
Client: August Interactive
In designing a new identity for their client Arca Construction, August Interactive needed a handcrafted look for the image portion of the logo. Working from the original client request for a hand-drawn, slightly abstract version of Noah's Ark, I adapted my pencil drawing into vector artwork for use as their company logo.
Keely Brothers Band
Client: Jeri Christian Ready
Author Jeri Christian-Ready needed a logo for a fictitious Irish punk high school garage band from her book series "Shade." It had to look rough and ready to fit both the genre and the characters.