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    These are print ads I created.
Campaign for Tereza Maxova Foundation for Abandoned Kids
Idea and copy
It's better to be free.

Billboard for Non-Alcoholic Beer Bernard Free
Idea is based on the fact that people look better when you're drunk. 

Idea and copy

Czech Telecom

Anti-Smoking Campaign

Idea and copy
Print for Sex Machines Museum Prague
Target: American Tourists

( Picture: The 1st Hand Operated Vibrator, 18th Century )

Idea and copy
Always on your eyes
Print advertising hits the target in the long term. All you need is open your eyes.

Print for Union of Publishers
Anything can happen on the way.
It's better to insure your car and enjoy saint  peace during Xmas. 

This Direct Mail was created for the Czech Insurance Company. 

Idea and copy
We bring colours back, where they belong to. 

This leaflet was created for T-Mobile Company. 
Brief: Tell people that T-Mobile is ecological company, that uses recycled paper and black and white print. 

Idea and copy
Tame the sun
With our shadow technology you'l have sun under control. 

Sun Professionals 
The best shadow under the sun

Idea, copy, claim
From the klubhaus to abschlag and then furt im wald. 
(From the golf slang: abschlag = teeing ground, furt im wald = always in the forrest)

You understand golf, we understand communication. 

Idea is based on the golf slang. It's a mixture of Czech language and words from the golf slang, that sound German.

Billboard for the T-Mobile Golf Cup
Product: Roaming, Free recieved calls from the Germany.

Idea and copy

Menstrual Cramps?
Nurofen. Designed for Women

Series of Prints for Skoda Auto. People are supposed to change tyres and let their cars be checked.

Summer Service: Step into the summer!
Spring Service: Run to spring!
Winter Service: Get ready for a winter ride!

Idea and Copy
Business without boundaries
Recieved calls in the foreign countries for free. 
Target: Small and middle-sized companies

Idea and Copy
Your own city rules
The exceptional quality and taste of multifilters fulfils your desires. 

Series of Prints for the Multifliter Cigarettes Hungary. 

Idea, Copy, Art Direction

I created this for the ČSOB Insurance Company. Headline is actually the concept itself. It works through all the media, you can see few examples of an ambient outdoor bellow. 
This idea wasn't realized, maybe they were a little bit scared of the twins and aeroplane idea used in ATL communication:) And why is that beaver there? It's a symbol of danger used in previous communication. The aim was to use it in the new campaign and change its character a bit, because all the beaver did before, was destroying all it sees. I turned it more into an adviser, because who knows more about danger?

And my idea for banner:
These are my ideas for the Fernet Stock, which has a really really bitter taste and black colour: