TT Norms Pro 3.0

TT Norms® Pro in numbers:
• 82 styles
• 4 subfamilies
• 2 variable fonts
• 1668 glyphs in each font
• Support for more than 260+ languages: extended Latin, extended Cyrillic, Greek, Vietnamese, Bulgarian localizations and many, many other languages
• 37 OpenType features in each style: small capitals, stylistic alternates, ligatures, old-style figures and other useful features
• Amazing Manual TrueType Hinting

About TT Norms® Pro 3.0: We present to you the third version of the TT Norms® Pro bestseller. In it, we tried to bring the font to the new, unprecedented level of functionality, visual quality and technical perfection.

We have audited ALL the characters in the font, made changes to almost every contour, changed the shape of the figure 1, edited the proportions of old style figures, unified the descending elements of the letters Д Ц Щ and corrected the spurs in letters Cc, as well as made sure all inktraps follow the same logic.

In addition, we reviewed the expanded Cyrillic and updated the shapes of Bulgarian Cyrillic, as well as the design of Vietnamese and Greek languages.
After that, we drew three completely new subfamilies, Expanded, Condensed and Mono, thanks to which you can significantly expand the functionality of the font family and use it in previously unavailable areas.

In TT Norms® Pro Mono, all glyphs are inscribed in the same-width pin area, and there are no elements in the font that go beyond these boundaries. The font family made it possible to obtain an even and uniform set.

We also implemented new kerning and hinting and specified the names of all features for the users of Adobe graphic editors.

And for the most refined users, we have prepared a variable font which unites all the functionality of the font family. In it, we have implemented three variation axes: weight, width, and slant.

Despite all the work done, TT Norms® Pro continues to be a geometric sans serif for a wide range of applications—a trouble-free workhorse. TT Norms® Pro works equally well both in large text arrays or in headlines, as well as in web and it is “the one”, the indispensable universal modern geometric sans.

TT Norms Pro 3.0
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