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    First issue of a norwegian magazine about norwegian design.
I decided to make a design magazine that embraced most design-categories. Each issue would focus on one of the categories, giving in-depth interviews and exiting new inspiration.

The categories:
- Graphic design and illustration
- Textile and clothing
- Architecture, interior and furniture design
- Product and industry design
- Web and animation

I got inspired from a postcard with an image of Alex Hellum's work. I felt it really defined that special and weird Norwegian / Scandinavian style I wanted for my magazine.

The name, Persepsjon (perception in English), was chosen because all design is being percepted with one or more of our senses. I wanted the magazine logo to reflect this, so I decided to create a typographic shape where you had to use your senses slightly more than usual to understand what it says. The top of the logo also spells NO, which is the abbreviation of Norway.

The primary target group are designers and people interested in design. The secondary target group is Norwegian business companies looking for designers to work for them.