Featured on Under Consideration FPO and in their quarterly print edition.
Philz Coffee is an amazing bay area favorite. They pride themselves on being in the people business rather than the coffee business, with the moto "one cup at a time". Their specialty blends, made to order brews, and baristas' interpersonal connection to customers sets Philz apart from the bigger name chains. Currently with 14 locations around the bay and growing fast, it's a household name amongst coffee drinkers in the area.
A small group of the Addepar team can be found at the Philz Middlefield location any day of the week without fail. Philz coffee powers Addepar Creative Engine. It was about time the creative team paid homage, and I think we came through in a big way.
This original design and screen print was inspired by the friendly nature we experience going to Philz.
The print is a 9"x12", four color edition of 120
The colors were sparked by the bright mural and signage at the Middlefield location. 
Shirt and poster variation
We decided to donate the prints to Philz and were really happy that the project was well received. They chose to save a few to display in stores, and pass on the rest as gifts over the course of the year. Phil himself was kind enough to sign a few to send back to Addepar. We're hoping to continue a relationship with Philz and spread design love across more of our favorite community businesses.
Hopefully this inspires people to use their talents and resources to strengthen community and sprinkle some good around. Design is a powerful and incredibly visible part of our culture. As part of our role in society, designers should take time to create things that celebrate our culture, share it with the masses, and uplift everyone's visual experience.
A big thanks to the Philz team for joining us on this, and to the Middlefield baristas for making great coffee every day. Stay cool!
Philz Coffee by Addepar Creative Engine