Illustration 2013
Hunting for drunk drivers - Duży Format magazine
Hunting for drunk drivers 2 - cover, Duży Format magazine

The Oath - Duży Format magazine

Wife's game - Duży Format magazine

King of Loans - Duży Format magazine

Polish outdoor - Duży Format magazine
Sold it all! - Duży Format magazine
Kids aren't all right - Duży Format magazine

Game of Thrones - Gazeta TV magazine, x-mas edition cover

Ring - Gazeta TV magazine, New Year's Eve edition cover

W.W. - personal
Bobadil - Highlights magazine
Billionaires - Wall Street Journal
Playing with cards - Wall Street Journal
Piggy - Wall Street Journal
Labirynth - Wall Street Journal
Good or Bad - Wall Street Journal
Renovation machine - DDB Warsaw, PKO bp
Passion for shooting - personal
Man Cave - Maxim
art directors:
Duży Format and Gazeta tv - Magdalena Mamajek
Highlights - Eric Ottinger
Wall Street Journal - Mark Tyner
DDB Warsaw - Filip Gębski
Maxim - Paul Scirecalabrisotto
Illustration 2013

Illustration 2013

Illustrations I did over 2013 for various clients. Mostly editorial work.

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