"Hẻm" means alleys.
The noisy street which is crowded with bikes, cars and people and jam; the high and luxury building, malls, restaurants where people spend money to buy happiness, the office full of busy employees running for their life …  are the pictures people always think of Saigon – a young and crowded city.
But there are more cultural secrets inside: a warm voice of street vendor’s man in the midday of summer, a small and familiar plastic table which full of high school kids chatting with each others; a corner where people always have their quick morning coffee and read their newspaper; a small district where you can find the most Saigon feeling of a Mid autunm festival….  
Explore deeply inside the thick web of alleys or “Hẻm” (in Vietnamese), and you will unlock the secret part – the most interesting lifeline of real culture, lifestyle, and people.
Hẻm Saigon is a tourism exhibition event which is held anually to reveal the new sight of Saigon, which is the spirit of urban lifestyle and small street culture of this interesting city.
This exhibition features top four of many districts in Saigon, which display their most unique beauty of the culture of Hẻm Saigon.
District 1: The dynamic district.
District 3: The peaceful place inside city
District 5: The Ancient Cholon
District 8: The Architecture of the poor
 Series visual of Hẻm Saigon Exhibition Event
The inspiration for the visual is based on the view of Saigon, inside Hẻm, where you can't usually get the whole view
Concept design for Exhibition space
This is a concept design for an exhibition that I hope someday will be held in Saigon, Vietnam.
Thank you for watching.