Scandia Food
Rebranding a Romanian Food Company
Scandia Food has been on the market for almost 90 years, focusing on a single type of product: canned meat. Nowadays, giving the ever changing market the company saw an opportunity to develop and grow a diverse range of food. 

Starting with a new brand promise: "Life full of flavour" and developing a brand strategy that would enhance the fresh requirements, Seed Consultants created the new bold universe of Scandia Food's consumer. The new identity needed to translate diversity, experience for almost 90 years in food market, great taste and freshness.

The result was the cornucopia symbol that reflects abundance from the ancient history to our days, in a modern shape and fresh colours that embodied the new free spirit and lifeness of every product.
Old logo
New logo
Winner @2012 American Design Awards
Winner @2012 REBRAND 100 Global Awards