Verizon Investor Day 2022
3D Motion
After Effects


Key visual for the Verizon Investor Day 2022 Conference

Working with an excellent, fully remote team, we created the key visualizer for the Verizon Investor Day 2022 Conference.

Adhering to the new Verizon brand colors and Ultra gradient, we created a story showcasing the 5G Verizon Internet Gateway through a series of chapters describing how Verizon is disrupting the industry. Special consideration was taken as we transitioned from grey to vibrant oranges and reds for the environment in which the product sits. 

Supers and taglines prescribed underlying motion and design to help push the key visuals. 
Type, layout, and transitions were critical for maximum legibility during the conference as we moved from chapter to chapter. 

The Ultra Gradient

The Ultra Gradient is part of Verizon's new brand identity, and showcasing the spectrum from yellow to red was key throughout the film. 
Design and motion was created with these colors in mind throughout. 

Below you will find design iterations for the different chapters throughout the film. 

Animation tests and simulation were key in helping resolve transitions from chapter to chapter. Examples of initial tests and simulation can be seen below.  

Type Design and Layout was critical to ensure maximum legibility for the presentation. The intention was to create an editorial feeling throughout, utilizing motion and type animation to transition from chapter to chapter in between supers and taglines. 

Below are initial layouts, and type treatments. 

Below you will motion tests and type concepts illustrating early transitions from chapter to chapter. 


Director Eric Lane
Client Verizon
Production Co Hornet
Managing Director Hana Shimizu
Head of Production Karen Lawler
Head of Creative Development Kristin Labriola
Executive Producer Marty Geren
Production Supervisor Dez Stavracos
Producer Hanna Smith-Ide
Editor Sam Stulin, Arm Sattavorn
Edit Assist Cole Bannick
Production Coordinator Madeline Metolius

Creative Director/CG Supervisor Eric Lane
3D Design + Animation Eric Bernal, Vitor Mancini, Eduardo Lunkes, Cesar Barbosa, Marcio Flausino

Type/Motion Design
Motion/Type/Animation Angie Son, Michael Kuzmich, Arm Sattavorn, Alex Belenkiy, Fede Cook

Music Q Department
Verizon Investor Day 2022