I created this poster as a central point of the auto-enrolment campaign. Although it's about pensions, the audience was colleagues so we decided to focus it more on a fun way. The fun feel of the image plus the use of an illustration made it stand out from other internal communication materials.
As I had a demanding client, I selected three of the mock ups I did based in the briefing and previous discussions. The client agreed the style and we proceed with the development of a final concept.
I worked on the selected one adapting the image and polishing the idea. Ideally I would have made the whole illustration (what whould have make it more enjoyable), but the reality is that the time scheduled for the project wasn't much so I choose to adapt and modify some royalty-free illustrations to acelerate the proccess.

I added elements, changed the composition, facial expressions, age and skin tone of the characters. Reflecting diversity was key as inclusiveness is very important in the company's values.
The poster campaign was supported with the use of carroussel banners in the intranet. I created four different compositions.
I wanted to add a giant duck to this one but unfortunately looked a bit scary and they didn't let me.