Gallery Exhibition : LINKING SARKHEJ
SARKHEJ ROZA, a 14th century heritage monument in Ahmedabad
has evolved and transformed over the years. The role, relevance, influence
and use of the monument has LIVED CHANGES in its own way.
This project tries to capture the monument as a LIVING HERITAGE.
Making a link as to how the people of Sarkhej, the community, their
activities, the language, the festivals, the traditions, etc. create
an impact on existence of the Roza and vice versa.
Sarkhej - Initial Research - Mapping
I came across a large potter's community, a school campus,
the Makarba tank, Ajmeribadi Basti, the main market, etc.
In this map I have tried to capture the senorial experiences that I had
while exploring the surroundings of Sarkej, or locally called Makarba.
Ajmerivadi - Extensive Research - Interviews
Ajmerivadi story - Video Installation
Over time, every place builds its own identity and the community
fabricates a story around it. Such is the case of a haveli at Sarkhej.
People here believe that there was a land which belonged to a holy jinn and his feri (pair of snakes). But 40 years ago when the Ajmerivadi basti started coming up, things changed. It is said that the land got cursed and the feri still guards the place. The pair of snakes haunts anyone who wishes to settle on that land by appearing in their dreams.Eventually the person incurs a heavy loss and dies.
I made a video installation, a short film of the caretaker
narrating the story of the CURSED HAVELI.

Linking Sarkhej - Exhibition

The final exhibition put up by the students of Exhibition Design
( 4th sem )also displayed the work of photography students ( PG ),
and crochet work by artist Sheila Klein. 
Inauguration - NID Design Gallery
The Team
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Thank You!
Gallery Exhibition : LINKING SARKHEJ

Gallery Exhibition : LINKING SARKHEJ

A series of installation put up for public viewing at the NID Design Gallery, with an agenda of bringing focus to the safe guarding of the SARKHE Read more

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