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Kazakh New Wave


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ISBN 978–601–06–7425–7
Kazakh New Wave
by Gulnara Abikeeva

Tselinny Publishing. Almaty, 2021
200 × 260 mm, 400 p., 1200 copies
Paper: Stora Enso 65 GSM
Typefaces: KTF Rublena, Kommuna, Journal

The phenomenon of the Kazakh new wave is not yet unraveled phenomenon. It appeared on the border of the eras when the Soviet Union existed, and continued into the era of independence. Perhaps it was the films of the Kazakh "wave" that formed a sense of freedom in our minds. Novovolnovtsy came to the cinema and, as it is sung in the song of Viktor Tsoi, they said: “We will continue to act!”

This book is not only a story about how the "Kazakh new wave" was formed and strengthened, how it conquered the world, surprising the audience with its European style of writing and Asian temperament. Six interviews with directors, graduates of the workshop of S. Solovyov, are master classes in creating world-class cinema. Reviews from film critics from New York to Singapore are an indication that our "wave" has never been a local phenomenon, but had a global reach.

Gulnara Abikeeva is a film critic, professor at ALMAU,
author of eleven books on cinema.

Kazakh New Wave


Kazakh New Wave