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Strange Poetry: A Generative Art Experience
Strange Poetry
A Generative Art Experience
For many, the computer is simply a tool. While this tool can be used to create, its primary purpose is to extend the thoughts of the user into the digital realm. For some, however, the computer is not just a tool, but a creative collaborator with which artistic works can be 
co-authored. As technology advances and more opportunities like this present themselves, we owe it to ourselves as artistic creators to explore what it means to be a part of this constantly
changing digital environment. 
Strange Poetry is an exhibit and an experience of generative art created by these means.
The entire identity is built from two icons:
The two icons can be interlaced to form the basic grid structure upon which the entire system exists.
These icons were designed to be symbolic of pixels while not simply being squares. This way they could be used in an underlying grid that suggested a grid of pixels while also allowing for interesting visual variance.
The logotype for the show was created out of letters formed from the grid of icons.
The idea for the composition of these elements came from the nature of generative art: a user enters in lines and lines of code that by themselves are visually uninteresting, but when executed bloom into something bigger and more beautiful. The inclusion of the base grid in a light grey is reference to the lines of code, and it points towards a buildup of the shapes on a white background, which represent the artistic output of the code.
BART Station Posters
3rd Street Wall
Pole Banners
Video Ad
Guerrilla Campaign
For the guerrilla campaign I wanted to create something that returned to thed idea of generative artwork, and extend the generative possibilites to the user. Users would download an app that would later be used as a guide to the show, but in the pre-exhibition stages would be used to contribute to the guerrilla campaign. Around the city there would be placed posters that had the basic grid structure of the other posters on them, but were otherwise "blank". Users would contribute to these blank posters using the app and their own personal "key" that would be generated using facial data from each individual user.
With a couple of stages of roll outs, the contributions that the users make would be turned into actual posters, that would then be put back up in the same place, gradually changing over time to form a more complex complete poster.
Thanks for checking out my project. If you have time, you should definitely also check out the artists that would be featured in the exhibition. Click through to their sites below:
Strange Poetry: A Generative Art Experience
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