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Design Methods

Design Methods

This editorial project emerged from a design course followed at Politecnico di Milano that prompted an exploration of personal reflections on design methodology. While literature offers a series of definitions, techniques, and guidelines on "how to design", methodology in design is not merely about following predetermined steps. Rather, it involves the development of a personal approach and the application of various tools in response to different contexts and situations.
The diary aims to explore the dualism between form and content in various design fields, and to transcend this dichotomy, examining how design approaches can vary depending on the subject matter, context, and purpose. Through this personal exploration, the project seeks to question the assumptions that underpin design practices, develop a deeper understanding of methodologies, and challenge the established ones by encouraging a more reflexive and context-sensitive approach.

Andrea Camurani


100mm x 200mm
Fedrigoni, Sirio White Rough 210gsm
Fedrigoni, Oikos 115gsm

Typeface in use
Laica, ABC Dinamo

Politecnico di Milano
MA Product Service System Design​​​​​​​


Design Methods


Design Methods