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Wall Mural Design - common Shen Zhen

Common Wall Mural (Shen zhen)

With a new office move in at common Shenzhen, I was asked to create another wall mural illustration with a similar brand identity, however with a different design idea and to also create localization in the illustration itself.

30 Seconds Video

Full Clip - For people who would like to see the whole illustration process.

The concept come from wall mural that takes in form of a shape viewed in a specific angle. But shows that it’s broken down in other angles. The Idea is to create the same treatment for a more complicated illustrative mural.

Landmarks and local delights are weaved into the illustrations to create a commonality between both countries, however representing one consultancy firm
Once the elements was approved, I started merging these elements together to form the mural for the next phase of the work.

Final Artwork Time lapse

To create an accurate mural illustrated digitally, the team in shenzhen used a projector as a guide for us to sketch out the illustration. The video above is a quick time lapse of the mural painting.

Thank you for viewing!

Wall Mural Design - common Shen Zhen


Wall Mural Design - common Shen Zhen


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