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36 days of type - 2022

36 Days of Type is a project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to express their particular interpretation of the letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet. 

A yearly open call exploring the creative boundaries of letterforms, where participants are challenged to design a letter or number each day for 36 consecutive days, as a global and simultaneous act showing the outcome of the ability to represent the same symbols from thousands different perspectives. 

A project that aims to be a space for creation around typography and its endless graphic possibilities.

This year Ermastuff has decided to pay homage to his wonderful city, Mantua, creating a font that tells its story and its beauty.




A as Alberti

Leon Battista Alberti is the emblem of Humanism, and the Basilica of Sant'Andrea in Mantua is his masterpiece.

B as Borghi

Mantua is a city full of picturesque villages like San Benedetto Po, Goito and Castellaro Lagusello.

C as Cultura

The city of Mantua has been proclaimed the Italian Capital of Culture in 2016.

D as Duomo

The cathedral of Mantua, also known as the cathedral of San Pietro Apostolo, is the main place of worship in the city of Mantua.

E as Etruschi

The Etruscans were the population who founded the city of Mantua around the VI century b.C.

F as Fiume Mincio

The Mincio is the river that flows through the city of Mantua.
It is the only emissary of Garda Lake and the last left tributary of the river Po.

G as Gonzaga

The Gonzaga were the family that ruled Mantua starting from 1328.

H as Hotel

Mantua is a city to be discovered, and this is why it offers hundreds of equipped structure to encourage tourism.

I as Isabella d'Este

She was one of the most authoritative women of the Renaissance, she ruled Mantua together with her husband Francesco II Gonzaga.​​​​​​​

J as Jazz

Mantova Jazz is just one of the many festivals organized by the city of Mantua​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, very important and prestigious, it celebrates jazz music.

K as Kayak

In Mantua it's possible to go kayaking on the lakes to discover the amazing local flora and fauna​​​​​​​.

L as Lambrusco

Lambrusco is a sparkling red wine typical of the city of Mantua.

M as Mantegna

Andrea Mantegna lived in Mantua for a long period and here he created some of his greatest masterpieces.

N as Nuvolari

Tazio Nuvolari is a mantuan driver, he's universally recognized as one of the greatest in the history of world motoring.

O as Opere d'arte

Mantua is a city of art, in fact there are a lot of works of art contained within the city.

P as Piatti tipici

Mantua is also famous for its typical plates like Agnoli, Tortelli di zucca and Capunsei, they are all worth trying.

Q as Quadrilatero

The Quadrilateral was, a defensive system built by the Austrian Empire, which unfolded on a quadrilateral whose vertices were the fortresses of Peschiera del Garda, Mantua, Legnago and Verona.

R as Rigoletto

Rigoletto is a Mantuan opera developed in three acts and conceived by the composer Giuseppe Verdi.

S as Sordello

Piazza Sordello is one of the most beautiful squares in the city of Mantua, dedicated to the Mantuan poet of the thirteenth century Sordello da Goito.

T as Te

Palazzo Te is a Renaissance villa built for the Gonzaga family, located in the suburban area of ​​Mantua.

U as Università

Mantua is a university city and hosts important courses such as computer engineering, languages, business Administration and many others.

V as Virgilio

The mantuan poet was born in Andes, a small village located near the territory of the ancient city of Mantua.

W as Weingarten

Weingarten is just one of the many cities with which Mantua is twinned.

X as XX canto

It is the tenth canto of Dante's inferno which speaks of the city of Mantua.​​​​​​​

Y as Yoga

Mantua is a city where you can train and relax, there are many sports available, such as yoga​​​​​​​.

Z as Zucca

The Mantuan pumpkin is characterized by a sweet taste and a yellow-orange pulp, firm and not very fibrous.

0 as the shape of the rotonda

The rotunda of San Lorenzo is a circular basilica. It is one of the oldest religious buildings in Mantua and is located in piazza delle Erbe.

1 as the castle

The castle of San Giorgio is the only castle in Mantua. It is one of the most representative monuments of the city and is part of the Gonzaga Palace.

2 as the 2 bridges

In Mantua there are two bridges that cross the lakes, Ponte dei Mulini and Ponte di San Giorgio.

3 as the three lakes

The lakes of Mantua are river basins located along the river Mincio, near the city of Mantua and they are three: Superiore, di Mezzo, Inferiore.

4 as the four years of Dino Zoff

Dino Zoff is one of the most famous goalkeepers in Italy, who played in the Mantova team for 4 years.

5 as the five newspapers

The best known and most purchased newspapers in Mantua are five: Gazzetta di MantovaLa Voce di MantovaLa CittadellaIl Giorno, La nuova Cronaca di Mantova.

6 as the sixth largest palace in Europe

With an area that covers more than 35,000 square meters and about 1000 rooms, the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua is the sixth largest palace in Europe, in fact it has been defined as a city-palace.

7 as the seven towers

There are seven towers in Mantua which contribute to making it a more beautiful and picturesque city.

8 as the eight virtual museums

Mantua is the only city, understood as a widespread urban museum, present on the Google Arts & Culture platform, [14] with more than 1 000 digitized works, 40 virtual exhibitions set up in 8 different virtual museums.

9 as the month of festival letteratura

Since 1997 Festivaletteratura has been one of the most famous Italian cultural events of the year, it lasts five days and takes place in September.

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36 days of type - 2022

36 days of type - 2022