The sketch. I like to have a very tight sketch/study before starting a painting. I need to know where I'm going.
For this one, I wanted a light color to keep the wood feeling in the background so I put a thin layer of pink dry pastel and fixed it with a workable fixatif. Now I’m painting every parts with layers of gouache before starting with colored pencils. Oh I forgot, all the wood panels are sanded before, I need a very smooth surface to work with.
All the parts are done with gouache, I can start with colored pencils, my favorite part! :D The coconut worm is darker than I would like but I’ll try to fix it with pencils.
After I’m done with pencils, I  put another coat of workable fixatif. Some colors fade with fixatif so I have to correct them. The highlights on the coconut just doesn't want to stay, only white pencil stayed.
Then I painted two gold acrylic washes on the flowers.
I put white pearl nail polish on coconut milk, then finalized with coats of gloss varnish.