This is an ad I made for the History Channel magazine for The American Eagle Reserve. It advertises two products, pricing, and gives information about the two products. I wanted to make this ad look like it belongs in the History Channel Magazine so that future customers may feel a connection between their interests in the magazine and this ad. The faded background picture is of an old map dating around the 1800s. It is zoomed in on a portion of Texas and Oklahoma. I wanted the words "Indian Territory" to be legible so that a connection could be made between the historical map and the products. Fonts used were Helvetica Nue and Adobe Garamond Pro, and the program used to create this ad was Adobe Illustrator. 

Below is a picture of the layout without most of the text. This particular layout I believe is strong enough without the text. The office has plans on turning this into a poster for the bare walls our clients see.