We worked with BUCHELI to create their BRANDING and WEBPAGE. 

We'll let them explain who they are. This is a text from their site. 

"We Do Believe that a new era in Church design is taking place, and must take place. 

We Do Believe that a Church is a sacred place, and that sacred expression has need of the best art to be accomplished. Sacredness has nothing to do with “historical styles” or traditional “decorative Arts”; it is more a matter of good taste and very good building skills.

We Do Believe that we have to turn to the long history and tradition of the Liturgy to inspire how we must do things nowadays in applying the new norms, and that truth in engineering and materials is a moral matter (Le Corbusier), and that real art can never be faked or simulated."

For more, please visit www.dbucheli.com
For more, please visit www.dbucheli.com
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