Best illustrations of 2013
Selection of the best illustrations I did during 2013.
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Learn from failure.
Illustration for strategy+business.
Media censorship.
Illustration for Pacific Standard.
Prosperity is the present that allows you to reach your goals in the future.
Fear of happiness.
Illustration for Scientific American.
Sea activities in the winter.
Illustration for Descobrir Catalunya.
Promotional coaster for Anna Goodson Illustration Agency.
Moral licensing. Questionable behaviours licensed by security in one’s self-image.
Illustration for Scientific American.
The inability of meeting the demand.
Illustration for Financial Post.
The inability to adapt Copyright laws to the speed of the new social and technological needs.
Illustration for CACM.
Building a new Church. Challenges of the Church in the city.
Cover illustration for Presbyterian Record.
Pennis snatchers.
Illustration for Pacific Standard.
Aging population, dismal demographics.
Illustration for The New York Times.
Replicate this.
Illustration for Pacific Standard.
Living life under surveillance. China is spying on its citizens.
Illustration for The New York Times International Edition.
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Best illustrations of 2013