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    Beauty Illustrations for Ellana Minerals' New Packaging
For Ellana Minerals' comeback, I was asked to make illustrations to be printed on their new packaging. The brief was very simple: to draw beautiful ladies that capture the essence of the Ellana Woman—someone who is elegant, garceful, confident, and intelligent.
I enjoyed doing this project a lot. First, because I've always wanted to do something beauty/makeup related! Second, is that this was my first ever work to be printed on actual products so I was very excited. And of course, also because the ladies (and guy!) of Ellana Minerals were very easy to work with. They trusted me with their product and gave me the artistic freedom! 
Of course I still consulted with them and they still gave me directions, but that was it. They were in no way very controlling. Some other clients just don't understand that to be able to have a successful project, clients and art directors should still take into consideration what the illustrator thinks. After all, illustrators aren't just renderers, right? (Okay ending rant now, haha).
Anyway, please enjoy! :)
Ellana Minerals' new website — ellana.com.ph