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What if Festool started making radios?

My answer is a portable radio for mobile wood workers.

The product can be hooked to your belt and can be enjoyed all day long, no matter where you are.
Festool is a German power tool company, manufacturing some of the finest equipment on the market.
With nearly 100 year in business, Festool adapted throughout time to the fast changing needs of its customers.
Those are the 3 personas most representative of the Festool user.
How could a company design a radio that would still be relevant in the digital age? Is the archetype of a radio dead?
The portable speaker. A product that has disrupted the radio market.
How could Festool reinvent the radio for its users?
Here are some initial concepts
Chosen concept: Portable radio for mobile wood workers that can be hooked to a belt or trousers.
Rough sketch development.
Early 2D renderings + sketch models
Hook development.
Iterations of the concept through foam sketch models. Through those experiments, I understood the ideal proportion of the object as well as how it should be interacted with.
Material selection through research & experimentation.