Meghan Trainor & Blitzy – All About That Game

#AllAboutThatGame Check out the new campaign for the game Bingo Blitz starring Meghan Trainor! Work done for 3Dar and Playtika. 
✏️ Concept Art: Explorations and definition of the animation visual style. Meghan Trainor and Blitzy will travel the world, visiting USA, England, Vietnam, Japan, Egypt and Paris. 
✏️ Character Design: Meghan will enter the animated world of bingo. A character designer creates the entire concept and style, defining the look of the characters. Meghan has a cute face with easily remembered style. Blitzy, as it already existed in a 2d version, just needed to be adapted to a 3d version.
✏️ Storyboard: Sequence of sketches with the objective of previewing the animation, in this movie the beginning is live action and after that animation sequence begins, so these two styles have to mix until Meghan fully enters the animated world of Blitzy.  

💻 3D Environment: Creation in 3d software the scenarios created by the concept artists previously. 
💻 3D Characters: Creating the 3d models, it's time to bring the appeal to the characters and make them captivating and ready for the animation process. 

💻 Animation, lighting and render: Let's see the animated characters in their world! The finalization is accompanied by the lighting, rendering ans post production processes.
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Meghan Trainor & Blitzy – All About That Game