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    Deville Diner Bar
    Inspired by a Montreal based Retro Diner bar, here are fictional Facebook posts advertising various products on their menu with a touch of satire. The restaurant theme is done in pink and black.
  • The post above refers to televised dating game shows, but instead of picking a date you get to choose an entising meal. The Bachelors have qualities that fit both a menu item or an actual contestant. Ads in the 50s had a tendency to objectify women, however in the context of a 2014 ladies night the roles were reversed for this ad.
  • This post tried almost too hard to make believe that the drinks are incredibly exotic. Like a meat cuts manual, it indicates where the drinks originates from, and what better source than the icon of retro Kitsch, a pink flamingo. It raises the question for a slight second is this for real? I have to go check out the menu.
  • Masako Plus Sushi
    A fictional Facebook Cover photo for a Sushi bar, south of Montreal. They are having a special offer: bring along four of your firends on your birthday and get a free meal.
    The diagonal frames are set up to create a more dynamic image and are commonly used in Japanese mangas when wanting to show simultanious actions. I also borrowed the concept of coffee card stamps to mark off the guests and point towards the free meal, which is the last red frame but most likely the first thing you see. The font and color are current with the branding of the business. The stamps are made of sushies and tiny fish.