Website design
2008-2011 webdesigns made out of practice

One of my interests is website design and development. I'll display here some selected designs I made for practice during the past years, since I will be giving a special importance to client work in other projects.
This one was created to be my portfolio. But I've no
time to work for myself, so let's hope it will be online one day.
Bright and simple design for a tutorials blog.
DZ Virtual Entertainment

This one was supposed to be for a multimedia site. A mixture of portfolio, blog and social network.
Green Pistacho

I remember I had fun doing this one back in 2008. It was intended to be another design blog.
Design for a design community. It was even online for some time.
I dont think you want to view a lot more of designs, so those were the ones I preferred to show.

Other website designs of mine can be seen at