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Direct Air Capture Concept Art

DAC could save us all. 
But no one knows what it is.

DAC, or Direct Air Capture, is a rapidly-growing technology that removes carbon from the air around us. Seems important considering emissions aren’t slowing down fast enough. Our EVs still require fossil fuels to charge and our solar panels power a fraction of our homes. The things we’re familiar with work, but they’re not enough. One of the things we’re not familiar with is DAC. 

DAC can be done a handful of ways, but most follow the process above. Like most enviro-tech, it’s scientific jargon until someone humanizes it; it becomes familiar when someone makes it sexy.

Teslas, for example, are sexy. It's a beautiful machine that's a stand-in for the “boring” stuff—traction motors, converters, thermal systems, etc. Unfortunately, the only manifestation of DAC exist as large-scale plants, but they’re hidden; stowed away in remote parts of British Columbia and Iceland. 

We need to remove carbon from the air around us. Now. Higher demand, faster development, and more investment are possible if we—the public—become aware and begin advocating. So the question becomes:

How do we get people excited about DAC?


Thank you!

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Direct Air Capture Concept Art