We did a couple of marketing images for AKQA/Bethesda, starting end of 2009 and over begining of 2010. We did the boxart and a gigantic mural of over 40 K pixels wide. Some of you probably saw the huge poster showcasing the 2 facing factions, Resistance VS Security. This piece was a real challenge, really demanding and ambitious. All characters was separated on layers to be able to use them individually. A lot of sweat, but we are proud of the final result.
Characters designs are from the developer, we repainted them all without any help of 3D mesh or photos, except for the guns.
Special thanks to Ed Davis and Michael Powell, our main contacts at AKQA, Olivier Leonardi, Art Director of the game, Bethesda of course, and allthe SB buddies for their help and support. The game just came out, so have fun!