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    Annual report, 2010 The Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa)
NMa Annual Report 2010
The Netherlands Competition Authority

The theme for the annual report 2010 of The Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) is cooperation. For an organisation cooperation mends awareness, self-reflection and openness. Cooperation has also the effect of enabling everybody to look at their work from an entirely different angle, which is invaluable and something that can be achieved through humor as well. The design is a mix of clearness and humorous through the typography and drawings. The typography is making statements. The drawings made by famous Dutch cartoonist Peter van Straaten, illustrating the theme of cooperation and has a light-hearted style. Besides the concept and design, Total Identity took care of production support and handling.

Client: NMa, The Netherlands Competition Authority, The Hague
Project: Annual Report 2010
Agency: Total Identity, The Hague

Advisor: Elisabeth Kroon
Creative Director: Edwin van Praet
Design: Edwin van Praet, Yu Zhao
DTP: Tommy Koolwijk, Paul Monster
Illustrations: Peter van Straaten