The Christmas Collection of Paradoxical Types
The Christmas Collection of {Paradoxical Types}
– A Naughty or Nice Divinity Guide

The powers that be at Paradox present to you The Christmas Collection of Paradoxical Types – A Naughty or Nice Divinity Guide! Our studio elves celebrate the festive season with a mystical twist and plenty of sweet treats in a gift that teases the mind, challenges belief and tickles the tastebuds.

This year, our lucky partners and clients dabble with magic numbers to figure out which beloved Christmas character best personifies them, based on their date of birth. Are they the vain yet Sweet Sugar Plum Fairy? Or the mean but Rich Ol' Uncle Scrooge? 

Once they have discovered what the numbers have destined for them, they can find out how well they get along with anyone else by working out relationship numbers and checking out the scores on our online Naughty or Nice List.

There are nine types of yummies at the end of the number trail and we all know that whatever the outcome, you'll scoff the lot ;)