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Lviv in Kyiv Project. Part 1
Lviv in Kyiv Project. Part 1
Architect: Yaryna Kmit
Area: 105 sqm
Year: 2022
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
There are things that you take with you wherever fate throws you. Sometimes they are not things but feelings. In this project customers wanted to take the atmosphere of the city with them. So we have rethought Lviv in Kyiv in a new way. Let us begin the project with the bedroom and bathroom
The bedroom with red accents does not leave indifferent. The relatively small room can accommodate a minimum of things: your own bed, bedside tables with lamps and wardrobes made of frosted glass, which can place everything you need and, at the same time, don‘t take much space of the room

Lviv in Kyiv Project. Part 1
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Multiple Owners
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