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Journey of the Mind illustrations and infographics

Journey of the Mind by Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, reveals why consciousness exists and how it works by examining eighteen increasingly intelligent minds, from microbes to humankind―and beyond. The authors explain the mathematical principles generating conscious experience and show how these principles led cities and democratic nations to develop new forms of consciousness—the self-aware “superminds.”

I had the great pleasure of creating some of the infographics and illustrations for this captivating book, as well as the guidelines for the remaining graphics to be continued by the amazing Paul Button. Below, you can see a sample of my works in the book:

1/ Infographics – depicting the most basic concepts behind the behavior of the simplest minds (like archea, bacteria or amoebas).

2/ Organism illustrations for chapter openings – showcasing each organism "in action", presenting its characteristic behavior, with focus on the organism's environment as a visual means of communicating the complexity and scope of the creature’s mind. What was particularly important was to convey a sense of the environment growing richer, larger, and more complicated with each successive mind – so that if someone flipped from organism illustration to organism illustration, they should see a visual story of the mind extending its reach into the universe.

„The stars of the book are its illustrated diagrams of minds”

"...the easy-to-understand illustrations demonstrate the concepts underpinning evolving conscious experience, such as a bacteria’s interaction with the environment, the amoeba mind becoming aware of itself, and birdsong demonstrating culture"

Jacket design by Sarah Bibel.

Clients / authors: Ogi Ogas, Sai Gaddam
Jacket design: Sarah Bibel
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Journey of the Mind illustrations and infographics

Journey of the Mind illustrations and infographics