The Interchangeable Laptop - Concept
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    A study on a possible interchangeable laptop keyboard, to improve functionality and comfort, and provide a more organic experience.
The Interchangeable Laptop
Concept of flexibility on laptop input devices
What if, instead of a fixed input device on laptops, we had the possibility to change it as we please? What if we could customize our digital experience, changing the way we interact with computers to maximize efficiency? 
What if we could detach the keyboard on our laptop, and use it as a wireless input device? Laptops ergonomics are far from perfect, due to the fixed position of the screen and the keyboard. A detachable keyboard would allow us to work the way we are more comfortable with. It would also allow us to connect our laptop to an external screen, without the hassle of connecting another keyboard to it. It could also be used on a completely different computer, like a regular keyboard. Its small size would make it perfect to carry around, work as a remote on a TV-connected PC, etc.
I explored this concept a bit. What if we could detach our keyboard from our computer, and connect it to another one? By doing this, we'd be automatically carrying our settings, wallpaper, interface and a group of personal files, making it our own instantly. On a school environment, for example, this would be very useful to share documents between students, and allow them to work on other computers without needing to get used to different interfaces. It would work like an extension of their own computer.
Imagine plugging your keyboard on another PC and automatically seeing your own browser bookmarks, your OS settings, your Illustrator settings, etc., just as you left them on your own machine.
Finally, there is one more possibility. Since we can detach our keyboard as we wish and use it from outside our computer, what if we could replace that keyboard entirely? Being able to plug in a graphic tablet, for example, would turn a regular laptop into a specialized designing/creation tool. The interchangeability is always possible, as is the multiple peripheric use.
Nowadays, new input methods are being developed, along with some others which are being improved constantly. However, there isn't much flexibility to choose which we want to use. We have physical keyboards, touch-enabled screens and pen tablets. This concept studies the ability to mix them on user choice, customizing the digital experience for everyone. There are obvious problems on applying this "technology", but we've seen what Apple, Google, Samsung and others are capable of, watching the rise of touch-controlled tablets and cell phones.
I believe the crowd is ready to make the shift from a locked physical experience to a new, flexible one, that adapts to specific goals, has a more 'organic' behavior and thus optimizes efficiency and comfort.