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    This past year I’ve gotten to work on some fun collaborative projects with some talented folks. Here's a bit of what we’ve made together.
A some projects made with creative
friends over the course of a year.
Besties 4 Testies

Besties 4 Testies is a project started by Greg Privett and Lana Waites, two best friends with the goal of kicking colon and testicular cancer "in the balls.” They raise money and awareness through their blog which discusses a new manly thing every day. They are hilarious, definitely check it out! I worked on some branding and illustration that will be launching in the next iteration of the site.
My friend Claudio Guglieri Lillo asked me to contribute to The Pattern Library, a project that he and Tim Holman created. I created Special Delivery and Junk Mail.
Yule Log 2.0
Broke Ass Christmas
Seth Hulewat and myself collaborated on this piece for the Yule Log 2.0 project by Daniel Savage and Wondersauce. They asked 60 illustrators and animators to reinvent the classic yule log. The project got a lot of attention including local news coverage and a bunch of design blog write-ups.
You can check out the full project case study here.
Rasp Goods
I was asked by friends Lyejm Kallas-Lewis and Brittany Keats Cerullo to help them rebrand their jewelry company, Rasp Goods. They do beautiful work so check them out! This project is ongoing so you can expect to see more developments in the near future.
Digital Arts Playing Cards
I was asked to contribute to the Digital Arts playing cards project. I chose to illustrate the 6 of clubs. A little research reveled that the tarot card equivalent is the 6 of staffs which represents victory and commonly carries an image of a horse.
All Day Play
All Day Play is a wonderful Oakland based nonprofit that teaches high school kids the skills to produce and distribute their own radio shows. I had designed their original logo a few years back and decided to give them a quick update while creating some fun little illustrations. They have become friends of mine and I love working with them. I definitely recommend checking out the shows that the kids produce.


My contrebution to Ectoplasm a zine project by Iain Burke about ghosts, gouls, and all things death related.
Me and a my good friend Chad Davis worked on an identity for a soho boutique specializing in knit goods. I'm rather fond of the little alpaca logo.
Lorem Ipstagram
Me and Iain Burke were hanging out a few weeks ago and somehow the phrase Lorem Ipstagram was uttered. It was unconcivable to us that no one had created a lorem ipsum generator based on Instagram lingo. I foundmyself on a long plane ride a few days later and decided to build it. Lorem Ipstagram was born. You're welcome.

Show Us Your Type: Tokyo

I was asked to contribute an animated poster to the Show Us Your Type: Tokyo collection. These guys run some fun little poster competitions, each one relates to a different city, I'm looking forward to Las Vegas next.    

Thizz Rattlers

A posters for the band Thizz Rattlers, a great band with an amazing name.

Life on Earth

Poster for a theater perfomance by the Axial Theater Company.  

The Homeless

Poster for Cody Busing's film The Homeless.
Here's to a collaborative 2014.
Thank You