Web Design

Here is a sampling of some of the websites I've worked on throughout the last 15+ years.
Discovery Bay Games site relaunch for the release of their new set of app-supported accessories.
This is a site created for Tim Arndt.  Tim has degree in Physical Training and Exercise Science and also a Master's in Human Movement along with a string of certifications to his name.  This site was created as his home base for all of his outreach efforts to become an authority in the fitness industry and to try to change many of the misconceptions out there.
Before leaving to join Sunergy Systems, I worked with an outside developer to create the new Washington Energy Services website.  It was my vision that more of our business would come via the web and we needed a major update to keep up with the times.  This is the final product.
I took the very static, non-search engine friendly Sunergy Systems website and turned it into what it is today.  One of the biggest compliments I've gotten from people is that they thought we were a national company because of the quality of the website and our other marketing programs.  We were to undergo a major redesign shortly before I separated from the company.
Big Shrimpy
Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress
Anderson/Collier Architects
Ranch House BBQ
Ketchikan Drywall Services
Laurel Graphics & Fabrication
US Starcraft