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    MySpy Birdhouse is a new product in the market, which features interesting innovation in the design and architecture of birdhouses. These birdhou… Read More
    MySpy Birdhouse is a new product in the market, which features interesting innovation in the design and architecture of birdhouses. These birdhouses allow you to ‘spy’ on the birds that perch on your window, with the help of a two way mirror. This way, bird watching becomes an activity that you can pursue from within your home. Read Less
There is a certain delight in watching birds. It gives a meaning to mornings that are otherwise filled with ‘nothingness’. There are zillions of people who pursue birdwatching as a hobby. Most of them also house wild birds. Their homes comprise specific spaces or corners where they can build a house for the birds.
The abode of a bird watcher and keeper comes with equipments that allows for hanging or mounting birdhouses on a pole. A birdhouse from MySpy Birdhouse, for example, can be fixed on a widow. The see through glass allows the bird watcher to watch the birds nest and raise their nestlings.
Looking for a Birdhouse? Take note of the following:
Every birdhouse manufacturer creates different kinds of birdhouses. Their product offerings differ on the basis of style, design and features. The basic structure of these birdhouses is made out of bamboo, cedar or even license plates. The wood used in birdhouses for sale can be old but needs to be sturdy.
While some manufacturers still make old-style birdhouses, there are others who fashion their birdhouse in an artistic manner, giving them an aesthetic edge. Nonetheless, design is a secondary thing for those who are thinking about buying a birdhouse. Some of the common features that are most sought after in a birdhouse include the size of the birdhouse and the material that it is made out of.
You might buy a hand carved birdhouse for the birds and it might look like the best birdhouse, like one straight out of Hollywood sets, yet if it doesn’t suit the comfort of the birds, it is a total waste of time as well as money.
Another important thing to look for in a birdhouse is the entrance hole that it has. The hole should have enough space for tiny birds to push themselves in. However, the space should be small enough to restrain the big birds from putting their claws in and prey on the eggs or nestlings of little birds.
The following is the list of things that you must consider while purchasing a birdhouse:
1.       Do not purchase a bird house with perches.
2.       Keep the size of entry hole in mind.
3.       The floor dimensions need to be double-checked.
4.       The birdhouse should open easily.
5.       There should be arrangement for proper ventilation.
6.       Take into consideration the place where you will be keeping or hanging the birdhouse.
Purchasing the right kind of birdhouse is important for attracting birds to come and nest nowhere else but in the space that you have purchased for them. In case you want a species like Purple Martins to nest in the birdhouse that you have purchased, you need to buy a birdhouse accordingly. The houses for the martins that breed in groups of five or six must have at least four or five stories with three or four compartments on each floor. 
Ready to buy a birdhouse? The first place to do some research is the internet. You can even buy a birdhouse online if you wish to. Not only is it easy to buy a birdhouse online, it is also a smart decision because all the dimensions are listed clearly with the product that you wish to purchase. There is also a wide variety to pick from online.
 In case you have something specific in mind, you can get made-to-order from a retailer. Try to make the birdhouse a cozy one that not only looks but also feels attractive to nest in. Thereafter, your bird watching spree will be a delightful one, every single day!
About My Spy BirdHouse
As the name suggests, My Spy Birdhouse is an intelligently manufactured bird house that allows you to spy or keep a watch on the tiny birds through a two way mirror. Some special features of this product include a ‘Do Not Disturb’ curtain that can be placed over the window and a 30-day money back guarantee. To read more about this product offering by MySpy birdhouse, you can visit https://www.myspybirdhouse.com/