American Red Cross / '10 Campaign Proposal
Advertising campaign directed at the college age/ professional youth markets.
These campaigns resulted from a collaboration with a marketing colleague who was tasked with creating a campaign for the American Red Cross that addressed the college/young professional audience in 2 distinct directions:

The results were the "Donor Network" and "Realities" campaigns.
"Donor Network" concept

"Why should I donate?" This direction was intended to illustrate how donations are distributed and the impact it has for recipients. A great paradox in blood donation is the human factor - the emotional connection that never happens because recipients and donors never really meet. Donor experience is now answered and presented in a simplified, direct and "in the background" manner - in the same way the American Red Cross donation network works.
"Reality" concept

Misconceptions and urban legends are addressed and fact-checked in this campaign direction. The stark imagery and aggressive nature help get the attention of the primary audience and combat the prejudices and false information that this audience share/create/propagate.