The new electric bus LAZ

LAZ is a Ukrainian vehicle factory that has located in Lviv. This work is inspired by the old model LAZ 695-N, that has been produced in the 1970s. 
The new bus continues a visual identity of an old LAZ buses line but brings a new technology level.

The bus is 9.5m long. Low-floor construction is possible by the electric portal axle. The electric portal axle has integrated electric motors into the wheel heads. The battery is located under the floor.

The driver's workplace has a transformable dashboard: the main screen and two displays that replace the mirrors. Dashboard displays can freely change angle and position.
The displays designed with additional analog buttons attached to the back of the screen. These buttons are programmable modular controls. The driver can customize the buttons for various functions, such as opening the bus doors, adjusting the air conditioner, etc. The number of buttons can be set by the driver.


Inside there are comfortable leather seats for passengers. The bus can accommodate 25 seated and up to 60 standing passengers


The New LAZ