Sunergy Systems
Examples of work done while employed with Sunergy Systems
As Director of Advertising & Marketing and Sales & Marketing Chief, everything that had to do with Advertising & Marketing was in my care.  I designed layouts for sales materials, maintained the company website and added content, designed brand collateral, wrote copy for radio and TV commercials and also produced some of my own radio and TV commercials.
This is the vehicle graphics design for the Sunergy Systems high cube.  I also adapted the design to work with an Econoline 350 van as well.  The other side has Solar Hot Water featured and the copy says "Solar Hot Water Experts" instead of the "Solar Power Experts" featured on this side.
This is the presentation folder  that the sales people used as a leave behind after giving a in-home presentation for a solar power or solar hot water system for a home or business.  It was a complete package that contained the system quote, sales sheets that explained certain details, manufacturer spec sheets and the sales person's business card.
This is the outside of the main brochure that was given to prospective customers.  It was setup for easy mailing if requested and was larger than a typical 8.5x11 tri-fold so it stuck out a little better than most.  The inside details the benefits of "going solar in the Northwest" and gives examples of why it does in fact work here.
Snohomish PUD has its own solar incentive program within their utility district I created this flyer to let our potential customers know about the incentive program and how they could have solar for a low, monthly payment.
This is an example of a case study for one of the wineries that we did an installation for in the Willamette Valley
This was a revision of one of the first TV commercials we did.  Aside from having the VO done by one of my radio talents, I put this together completely on my own and launched it with our annual TV buy.
This was a commercial I produced in the summer of 2010 after we had John Curley as a spokesperson.  We came up with the concept of 'Northwest Myths Exposed' and decided to use Bigfoot in our first myth.  The ending always makes me laugh.
This was for the promotion for the first quarter of 2011.  It was asking people to make an energy resolution for the new year instead of an empty promise to themselves.
This commercial was running in concert with the Q1 promotion for making an 'Energy Resolution' for the new year using Don O'Neil from the Ron & Don Show on 97.3 KIRO FM for the endorsement.
Another spot with Don O'Neil doing the endorsement but with John Curley as well this time.  They are recapping what John's solar power installation has done for his home over the last nine months.