The goal of this project was to answer the question, what does the not too distant future hold for Lincoln, and their customers? 
Lincoln asked what the year 2020 will look like in terms of purchasing, driving, and servicing their vehicles. The only stipulation in answering the question was, the solution couldn't rely on changing the way Lincoln vehicles are currently built, or manufactured. All existing framework and construction needed to remain in place, and no new hardware could be added. A heavy reliance on software, mobile devices, and other auxiliary tech came to the forefront.
A five minute video was crafted to show in great detail every step in a consumer / car lifecycle, from purchase to repurchase; focusing on customer convenience and the implementation of emerging technologies.
The budget wouldn't allow for hiring actors, a director, and crew, so a stylistic choice was made. Using hand drawn characters, and 3D rendered environments and vehicles allowed for a very quick work flow. In fact, this entire project was modeled, rendered, and composited on a single MacBook Pro. 
I am unable to post the full version of the video at this time, as there are a large amount of proprietary ideas contained within. This abridged version is intended as a means of showing style and execution.