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I'm a tiger, I'm a fighter, I ROAR

I'm a tiger, I am a fighter
ROAR Project

Stretch mark is a skin problem that occurs in approximately 80 % of adults and I also have it !. I found that it makes me feel insecure with my body. Then I found the hashtag which alters my perception is #tigerstripes
After exploring this hashtag, some women utilized it to raise awareness among other young women, encouraging them to be proud of the marks.

Don’t worry !! I have it, we are a tiger team. 🐯
As I mentioned in the first paragraph, I came across the hashtag #tigerstripes it inspired me to create the tiger year card. I determined with ‘confident young girl’ concept. I plan to release the card around Chinese Lunar New year. So I research the card style, colors and elements. I have 3 rough ideas for example
1. Tiger year or something relate to tiger
2. Stretch marks
3. Chinese Lunar New year

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"I'm a tiger , I'm a fighter" 
"Stripes mean body growing"
"80% of Adults have it"
"Which mean you are not alone"
"It's o.k. to feel insecure sometimes"
"wear them with pride and roar"
Tiger stripes, butt smiles, glitter lines, mummy medals…
Whatever you want to call stretch marks, an estimated 80% of adults have them.
– Natalie Lukaitis – Womean health –
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I'm a tiger, I'm a fighter, I ROAR

I'm a tiger, I'm a fighter, I ROAR