Final Project (Persona)
For Intro to Photography Spring 2011
My final project for my Intro to Photography class focused on the human persona, as defined by Jungian psychology.
Persona focuses on masking the person with costumes to bring out the persona and stages in the persona, as specified by Jungian psychology.
The persona is the face or role that is used to define a person to the world, therefore a person can have multiple  personas. There are also stages to the persona: Identification is when you find who or what you are supposed to be in the eyes of society. Disintegration is when the mask that you are known as is essentially lost. After disintegration there are two ways that are followed negative restoration or absence. Negative restoration is when someone tries to restore the previous anima, which is generally met with a negative response as the previous persona is something that cannot be regained. Absence of character is to live without asocial role, with this stage being almost virtually impossible, this is hard to obtain. Restoration of the self is the ultimate goal of someone who has gone through disintegration of the persona, contrary to the implications restoration is the generation of a newer more viable anima.
I have 3 sets of 5 photos in two different ways; the obvious being the set of 5 for each costume,the less obvious being the set of each costume in each stage of the persona. While keeping to this theme, and slight structure, I tried to tell a different story with each of the sets of costumes.