The figure, with its limitless scope, offers a lifetime of study. All types of themes can be pulled from it. I will continue to be fascinated and challenged by it. These works deal with the figure, directly or in its relationship to the setting. 

Dylan- oil on canvas 11x14 in
Little Dancer-oil on canvas 11x14 in
Wanderer- oil on canvas 36x48 in
Scarlett 18x24 in
Up the Hyatt 24x36 in
"First time" oil on canvas  22x28 in
"Booth" oil on canvas 20x24 in
Jimi Oil on canvas 16x20in
"Monte Carlo" oil on canvas 20x24 in
"Monk Time" oil on canvas  16x20 in
"The Party" oil on canvas  24x30 in
"Dancers"- oil on canvas  24x30 in
Joni- oil on canvas 16x20 in
"Saturn Girls"- oil on canvas 24x30 in
Birthday oil on canvas 17x20 in
A Kiss- oil on canvas  24x36 in
The Green Room- oil on canvas
The Anomalies of Space Travel- oil on canvas24x36in
 Chance-oil on canvas 18x24in