Once Upon a Day - Kindness Campaign
Once Upon a Day
Have you done any act of kindness today?
Nowadays, we live in the world where things happen and change rapidly, all of the things that happen make people desensitize. They only see what they want to see, making them so use to become self-centered, selfish, and ignorance to others. Thus, it is also makes them cynical and presumptuous about what others will do and if it would harm them.

It does not mean that people deliberately do bad things, it is just that people only do what they were supposed to do, like work or study, and do nothing but that - without even care enough to see what surround them anymore, making it necessary to remind them to do act of kindness.
This project is initiated as a reminder for people to look surround them, do wonder and make their own happily ever after story for themself.
Poster Series
See, not only look,
There's always a cry for help somewhere.
Look around, do wonders, make your own happily ever after.
Magazine Ads - One Small Act, Big Impact
Direct Mail
Contain a brochure and a set of postcards that to be given away at the opening day of the event
A Set of Postcards
Contains words to live by and to pass on.
Contains all the informations from what people need to know about the act of kindness and most of all the benefit of doing it.
An act of kindness a day brings you one step closer to the clear picture.
Tear the day only if you have done any act of kindness in that day.
So, how clear is your happily ever after?
Have you done any act of kindness today?
Crowbar 2011 Award Finalist
Hiiibrand Award Merit
Exhibited in Noise Exhibition 2011
Once Upon a Day - Kindness Campaign

Once Upon a Day - Kindness Campaign

Diploma - 3rd Year Project Kindness campaign that is dedicated to selfish, arrogant and ignorance youth, to open their eyes, look around and star Read More


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