After I saw this spinning technique, and I decided to do the same with the Tokyo Sky Tree. It took me 2 failed attempts to get up early on weekend. Finally thanks to my friend Jorge, we took this 3 hours walk.
- I took Google Maps and draw a circle around Sky Tree (around 550m. radius) and with the Shape tool, selected a dotted border, so I can have 36 equidistant points  ;)
- Draw a line in a tape on the display of my Canon to have a verical centered line and the exactly position of the deck.
- Walk around every point, taking the less time posible, to keep the same light.
- Taking 2 shots in every point, about 6 meters of distance. Doing this we avoid the stroboscope effect and the animation is smoother.
- Align everything in Photoshop using a vector shape of the Sky Tree and some guides. Transform every picture and switch to the warp mode to adjust some pixels.
- I created a Layer Comp with every frame, so is easier to check previous and next frame with a shortcut.
- Every frame is a smart object, so I had freedom to adjust the motion blur I applied to the closest buildings and keep the original picture if I wasn't happy with the transformation.
- And finally, using a script, export all my layer comps.
- Using premiere I made a 1 minute loop and use some free music for the background.
I discovered a lot of interesting streets when I was taking these pictures. It was very fun, and see the result was fantastic! 
So if you live next to a tower, just do it!