Following the tragic events of the triple disaster in Japan, I felt compelled to show my support by raising money through the sale of poster prints. Thanks to an overwhelming amount of support from the general public I managed to raise over £300, which was donated to the British Red Cross to help fund their relief effort in Japan. A big thanks also goes to *Uni Print for sponsoring the project. 

*formerly known as CopyPlusXL (Bournemouth)
The poster is now being exhibited as part of Graphic Advocacy and will be on show across America including Boston, New York and also in Mexico, Bolivia and South Korea. 
BOSTON 15/01/13 Stephen D. Paine Gallery
SEOUL 24/05/13 Davinchi Hall
NEW YORK 08/07/13 Pratt Manhattan Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art & Design.
MEXICO CITY 19/05/13 Galería Artis.
YOUNGSTOWN 13/09/13 McDonough Museum of Art.
LA PAZ, BOLIVIA 20/11/13  Simon I. Patino Gallery
Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Resnick (Exhibition curator & Professor and Chair of the Graphic Design Department at Massachusetts College of Art and Design)